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Jun 29, 2021

00:00- 01:09- Introduction by Radiology Podcast Editor Linda Chu, MD.

01:09-09:23- Dr. Lauren Kim interviews Dr. Jung Hwan Baek. Thermal Ablation for Small Papillary Thyroid Cancer: A Potential Game Changer.  Original recording in Korean

09:23-20:16- Dr. Manisha Bahl interviews Dr. Johanna Ospel and Dr. Mayank Goyal. A Detailed Analysis of Infarct Patterns and Volumes at 24-hour Noncontrast CT and Diffusion-weighted MRI in Acute Ischemic Stroke Due to Large Vessel Occlusion: Results from the ESCAPE-NA1 Trial. 

20:16-30:13- Dr. Refky Nicola interviews Dr. Jonathan Mezrich. Patient Electronic Access to Final Radiology Reports: What is the Current Standard of Practice, and Is an Embargo Period Appropriate? 

30:13-30:48- Conclusion by Radiology Podcast Editor Linda Chu, MD.