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Aug 3, 2021

00:00-01:59- Introduction by Dr. Chu

02:00-08:34- Dr. Linda Chu interviews Dr. Licia Luna. Can Preoperative Mapping with Functional MRI Reduce Morbidity in Brain Tumor Resection? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of 68 Observational Studies. Luna et al. Radiology 2021; 300:338–349.

08:35-18:00 Dr. Manisha Bahl interviews Mr. Kiran Vaidhya Venkadesh and Dr. Colin Jacobs. Deep Learning for Malignancy Risk Estimation of Pulmonary Nodules Detected at Low-Dose Screening CT. Venkadesh et al. Radiology 2021; 300:438–447.

18:01-25:16- Dr. Refky Nicola interviews Dr. Vincent Mellnick. Clinical Appendicitis Scores May Lower CT Utilization and Diagnostic Accuracy. Song and Lee et al. Radiology 2021; 300:350–358. 

25:17-25:42- Conclusion